Information-Letter No. 2: Successfull Meeting of International Coordinating Group (ICOG) passes decisions to build up International Automotive Workers Coordination

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We, members of International Coordinating Group of International Automotive Workers Coordination, are sending brotherly greetings to all participants of 1st International Automotive Workers Conference! With this Information Letter No. 2 we let you know about our successful 1st meeting of ICOG from April 11 to 14, 2017.

Main issue of discussion was the situation of automotive workers and the affects of transformation to electromobility, industry 4.0 and crises of VW. Reports from Brazil, Germany, Italy, Columbia, Spain and South Africa demonstrated how consciousness of automotive workers is growing, how they are not accepting increasing attacks of car companies and governments and how they are struggling for our interests. Unity of permanent and contractual workers is moving closer to focus of attention, like between others at VW China.

Since 1st International Automotive Workers Conference ICOG organized several initiatives of international solidarity. But we did not yet tackle vigorous systematic building up of our coordination work. Having got used to, we realized that we have to bring ourselves to get away from leading the struggles in our „own“ country or company separated from looking at international class struggle.

As next task of Automotive Workers Coordination ICOG decided to organize a solidarity campaign for the convicted workers and union officials of Maruti Suzuki in India. The criminalization of their just struggle emphazises, that today no struggle will be successfull without international cooperation and solidarity. We will make public this progressive struggle against contractual work and oppression of union work and will organize activities of protest. We call upon all automotive workers to support our campaign to collect donations for the families of the imprisoned, and to suggest further initiatives by yourselves.

For public relation ICOG will publish a documentation of 1st International Automotive Workers Conference in english and spanish and modernize the website. Up from now is starting preparation of 2nd International Automotive Workers Conference. It will take place in October/November 2019. The place will be decided in spring of 2018, after consultation in several countries.

On the occasion of day of struggle of working class on May Day, ICOG is calling upon with a resolution all participants of Automotive Workers Conference and all militant automotive workers:

Strengthen the building up of International Automotive Workers Coordination!

Get yourself a member of the movement of the International Automotive Workers!

On behalf of International Coordinating Group

Carlos Luiz Prates Mancha (Brazil), Diego Rejón Bayo (Spain), Jörn Kleffel (Germany)