Motion of solidarity to Siegmar Herrlinger and Andreas Gärtner

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Dear Sigi and Andi,

Coordinating Group of International Automotive Workers Coordination is sending our warm congratulations to both of you, honouring your active and militant appearance in public against the emission frauds at VW and Porsche.

Being representatives of militant movement of automotive workers you have taken over sincerely and aggressive a big share to set focus on the responsibles of criminal manipulation of exhaust pollution Standards in management, in government included Kraftfahrtbundesamt (national administration of supervision of vehicles) and parts of the leaders in Workers Council and Union. With your demand to clear up and to disclose, to get a just punishment of the responsibles and liabelity with their personal property, you have undaunted and courageous started a fight with the biggest corporation in Europe.

You didn't tolerate to minimize the affects, like the worldwide poisoning of environment with additional ten thousands of dead people and to shift on the burdon of the crises to the employees and their families, to the clients and to the whole society.

We as International Coordinating Group strictly condemn, that Sigi was just supended out of this reason of Porsche and got the order to stay away from the company. This attack on you is an attack to all militant workers at VW and Porsche.

Take the offensive instead of stepping back from this overbearing arrogance of managers of Porsche included the chairperson of Workers Council, Uwe Hück, that was a clear position. Having successfull struggled for your participation at the works meeting through Labour Court and holding on to the unsparing clearing up, this is encouraging a lot of other colleagues, to get in the offensive for themselves. For this our warmest thanks.

The denouncement, following three warnings to Andreas at VW Kassel, is just as little to be accepted like in total try to silence Andreas and other militant colleagues at VW in and outside of the company.

As one of the speakers of VW commitee in Kassel you have not let them forbide you inside of company to demand the just punishment of criminals against environment and also to make publicity for the support of Karin Puppel, she is running as candidate to the national elections. As candidat of Internationalist List/MLPD she stands for making the crime of VW and automotive industry against the environment to a main issue in election campaign. This restriction of free union and political activities in the company cannot be accepted.

In your struggle for reinstatement and for the total taking back of all warnings, we are on your side. We will make public these attacks on courageous und militant automotive workers all around the world and are calling for international solidarity.

Those who attack one of us – are attacking all of us.
But we say: One for all -All for one!

Carlos Luiz Prates Mancha (Brasilien), Diego Rejon Bayo (Spanien), Jörn Kleffel (Deutschland)
Koordinatoren der ICOG