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Guidelines for the preparation of the International Automotive Workers' Counsel 2012

Dienstag, 3 Jan '12

1. We are an 'ueberparteilich' forum of the automotive and supplying industries' blue and white collar workers, trainees and their families. We want to realize the interests of the working class movement against the multinational enterprises and the stately crisis programs and are aware of the role that the automobile workers play in this. We promote the mutual process of becoming acquainted and stand for the international solidarity and the unity of the workers' movement worldwide. No workforce of the automobile industry should be left alone in their future disputes with the enterprises.

2. We promote the cooperation of the workforces within the enterprises, the branches and across national borders. We are for the defending and extending of political rights and the abolishment of exploitation and oppression.

3. We work on the basis of openness in questions of world outlook on equal footing and develop a democratic culture of debate for the clarification of differences in opinions, excluding fascist, racist and fanatic religious intentions.

4. We promote the strengthening of the trade unions as militant organizations.

5. We cooperate with the militant youth-, womens'-, peoples'- and environmental movement in a solidary way.

6. The counsel is commonly self-organized. Each participant has the right to bring up his request and is at the same time obliged to take over responsibility for the entire success and the joint tasks. Local and national preparatory groups, respectively initiatives, take on tasks self-dependently, especially the invitation and care for international participants and the planning of the complete financing (in case of the care for international participants the costs of flight and accommodation during the time of stay and otherwise for the task taken on and the respective contribution for the financing of the participation of international participants).

7. An International Coordinating Group is to be set up at the Automotive Workers' Counsel and cash auditors are to be elected. Responsible for all essential decisions up to the 7. IAWC are the national preparatory meetings in the FRG. We strive for an agreement with the international participants. The Coordinating Group in the FRG coordinates the activities for the preparation of the next counsel and for realizing the decisions nationwide and cooperates closely with the International Coordinating Group.

8. We finance ourselves together, in an independent and self-reliant manner. The finance team and the cash auditors report about the financial situation and the cash management to the nationwide preparatory meeting and the counsel.

9. Possible financial contributions for the support of a participation at the counsel should be applied for at the Coordinating Group as early as possible and 4 weeks before the counsel at the latest.

10. Every body of the counsel is also responsible for the translation work and the report to the homepage and organizes the respective persons.

 Organizational Guidelines for the preparation of the 7th International Automotive Workers' Counsel 2012

1. The counsel is carried by the local and regional initiatives of the worldwide automotive and supplying industries. On the basis of the decisions of the nationwide preparatory meetings, they coordinate the activities for the preparation of the Counsel, where appropriate in cooperation with bodies of trade unions and other initiatives. They win over interested persons, supporters and activists, take on joint tasks, invite international participants and organize donations.

2. To prepare the Automotive Workers' Counsel, the fundamental decisions about date, time and structures are taken on the preparatory meeting in April 2011. The detailed program, joint tasks and everything else will be decided on at further central and nationwide preparatory meetings on 13 November 2011 and, if needed, in spring 2012.

3. Core of the counsel are the participants from the worldwide automotive and supplying industry. They are invited by local initiatives which are responsible to look after them. We strive to have participants from all important automotive centers.

4. Financially, the counsel carries itself by donations, participant fees and the surplus from flyers and posters, and from catering. A stall fee will be charged for sales- and information stalls.

5. The homepage is, as a forum for the exchange of experiences, an essential instrument of information and coordination. It's shaping in several languages is the foremost goal. The current level of preparation (particularly international participants, joint tasks, forums) will be published there as well as local news.

6. The Coordinating Group can be reached by telephone via Birgit Schumanns mobile phone number and e-mail via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

7. An Organizing Team must cooperate closely with the speakers' group.